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Atomic Layer Deposition System
AT400 Base ALD System
Details description

AT400 Base ALD System

Table Top Atomic Layer Deposition Unit, suitable for up to 5 lines.

Precise precursor dosing with defined dose volumes:

- Reduces process and dose variability common to competitors

- Fast cycling capability

- 6-10 cycles/min or up to 1.2nm/min Al2O3 (best in class)


- Substrate size up to 4" (100mm) diameter

- Chamber temperatures from RT to 400°C ± 1°C

- Precursor temperatures from RT to 150°C ± 2°C with optional heating jackets

- 2 counter reactants - standard

- 1 liquid source such as H2O or H2O2

- 1 gas source such as O2 or NH3

- 2 gas sources can be used as well

- Variable process pressure control 0.1 to 1.5Torr

- All metal sealed system upstream of sample

- Up to 3x Heated sources

- Volume controlled dosing (Volume control yields more repeatable precursor doses)

- Valve time controlled dosing

- Exposure Control

- Point source Gas Distribution with Optimal Spreading for superior film uniformity

- Integrated, angled HMI/PLC SW/Controls (prevents random SW lockups)

- Robust 7" touch screen PLC control system

- Recipe Control: proven recipes pre-loaded in controller

- Smallest Footprint on the market (55cm W x 55cm D X 39cm H), cleanroom compatible

- Weight 45kg


- Pump (> 12cfm) to be provided by customer

- Facilities required (15amp power, 10psi regulated high purity N2 or Ar with 1/4" face seal fittings, 1" vacuum line or 1.5" line

for lengths >4ft, compressed dry air 70-80 psi)

- Excellent Process Development Support (Harvard lab scientsts provide evidence based assistance to customers)

- Simple system maintenance and integrated vacuum interlock.


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